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Where Is My Daddy? Finding Deadbeat Dads

Where Is My Daddy? Finding Deadbeat Dads

We’ve all been there. You have a great night with someone, and then a couple of weeks later, you’re pregnant and looking for support from the father. Or maybe you already have a few kids with your partner, but he just never seems to be there for them. Whether it’s finding the dad, or making sure the dad pays child support, Rapid Results can help.

One of the things that Rapid Results can do is a records search. This is sometimes used for criminal history, but in a case where you’re trying to find the father, this can help as well. We get access to databases, and with a name from you, we can easily find all sorts of things about him. Has he been arrested? What’s his driving record like? Has he moved? This helps you track that deadbeat dad down, and hopefully get him to help or take him to court. Of course, this can also reveal personal things like he might have made you the other woman, without telling you. We also offer due diligence, for those who might be seeking a divorce. This is similar to a records search, but it often goes more in-depth with the results.

While it can be emotionally taxing to have to deal with a deadbeat dad, it doesn’t have to be exhausting. Rapid Results can help you track him down and make sure you (and your family) get what you need from him.