Legal Investigation

Support to Legal Profession

RRIS’s investigators are knowledgeable to the many needs of the legal profession. We understand thorough file preparation is a key element to successful litigation. Our services are supported by current and relevant databases coupled with the keen desire to ensure critical information is validated.

Pre-Employment Screening

The most objective and cost-effective method of determining an individual’s suitability is to conduct background screening prior to hiring or at anytime throughout an employee’s career. Pre-employment screening is viewed as a mandatory activity by management that demonstrates appropriate due diligence and corporate governance.

Our program respects the right of an individual to privacy. Prior to initiating any screening RRIS requires a signed consent from the candidate that authorizes the screening process.

Our systems are designed with the appropriate applications that ensure individual personal information is afforded the highest level of security

Background Report

  • Address/telephone

    Current address and phone number as well as addresses and phone numbers for past 7 years.

  • Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy Records including voluntarily or involuntarily Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 petition filings. This Bankruptcy Record search is an excellent scan of financial history.

  • Criminal and Civil Records

    Nationwide, County and Statewide; arrests, warrants, marriage, divorce, judgments, assets, liens, lawsuits, property, vehicles, professional licenses, military service and much more.

  • Corporate Affiliations

    Uncover ownership, executive affiliations, registered agents, and partners.

  • Education

    Name and address of schools attended.

  • Employment

    Address and phone numbers associated with employment.

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