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Home For The Holidays?

Home For The Holidays?

Does your partner only seem to be active in your children’s’ lives when it benefits him? Or is he someone who seems to disappear during important times of the year, like the holidays? Either way, RRIS can help with that!

If he only comes around to hand out Christmas presents and look good, you’re already a step up. If you need him to spend more time with the kids when it’s not the holidays, you may be able to get an address out of him at the holidays. That allows RRIS to look at his movements, and to figure out what he might be doing when he’s not with your family. It’s also possible to look at credit card records and track people down that way.

For many people, though, the opposite seems to be their problem. Their partner just disappears when anything important is about to happen — he makes a lot of promises that never seem to come to fruition and he disappoints everyone around him. This guy might be a little harder to track down because of how you never see him, but once you do, even some basic information goes a long way to getting him back into the picture. Or at least, there for the holidays.

The holidays should be a happy time for you and your family. Don’t let stressing out over whether or not your partner will show up and be good for the kids ruin your holidays.