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Finding Waldo (And Other Missing Persons)

Finding Waldo (And Other Missing Persons)

Do you remember Where’s Waldo books? Opening the book to this crazy scene and trying to find one figure in a red-and-white striped sweater wearing glasses — maybe that’s where private investigators get their start!

Luckily, our investigations don’t have to depend on looking for someone wearing the most recently reported outfit, though that helps. Missing persons is one of the services we provide, and whether it’s a runaway (or abducted) child or an adult who seems to have disappeared into thin air, we’ll open a full investigation. While the first step might be to make a poster with the listing of what they were wearing, we’ll go further than that. For missing adults, we can run a full background check, monitor their credit cards, and even track movements once there’s a possible lead.

Speed is of the essence in missing person cases, and often, police detectives get backed up very quickly. When that happens, seek a private agency like Rapid Results — because it’s in the name.