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Casualty Adjusters

Casualty Adjusters

What is a casualty adjuster, and why are they important in the world of personal investigation?
A casualty adjuster — sometimes better known as a claims adjuster — investigate insurance claims. If there’s a car accident, an adjuster won’t be far behind. They’ll interview both people involved, regardless of which is claiming the insurance, consult police and hospital records, and inspect property damage. Of course they don’t just work on car accidents, but in any situation that requires someone to need insurance.

Why is this important? In a way, adjusters are like investigators themselves, though they work in a more narrow scope. They’re used to talking to witnesses as well as officials, and putting together the real story regardless of what they may be told. If someone claims they were hurt at work and need insurance to help them through it, an adjuster can pull hospital records and either prove or disprove the story.

Many casualty adjusters work as private investigators, but not all private investigators are adjusters. But being able to talk to a variety of people, having an understanding of medical records and looking for the facts is what private investigation’s all about.